Lindy Faires


Thank you for your interest in It Works!  My name is Lindy Faires, I am a wife to my amazing husband Brian and mommy to a beautiful 7 year old!  I work full time as an accountant but would love to one day work from home!  I am so glad I joined the It Works! family! I am apart of an AWESOME team! :)   It is such an awesome feeling knowing that I can help so many people get healthy and feel better about themselves.  There is no greater reward than to know you are helping someone accomplish their goals.  So many people want to better themselves and just don't know where to start or have any motivation.  That is where we can come in and help them get excited to get REAL results.  

I would love to help you accomplish your personal goals, and if you want a fullfilling job with so much flexibility join our team! We would love to have you :) 

Hope to speak to you soon!

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